A Kid Again

Welcome to the A Kid Again NeighborRelief fundraising website!

A Kid Again’s mission is to foster hope, happiness, and healing to families raising a child with a life-threatening condition. Our vision is that one day all children battling a life-threatening condition in America can be A Kid Again. We know how challenging it can be to raise a child, especially a child who has a life-threatening condition.

We exist to create a sense of normalcy by hosting year-round programming at amusement parks, zoos, and sporting events that are cost-free and care free to the families and we do not want to stop there! We have partnered with NeighborRelief to assist families when they need it the most.

The NeighborRelief program can help with some of the financial burden by asking generous neighbors to assist enrolled families with cell phone bills, utility bills, and even groceries. It is 100% anonymous and 100% free to use.



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