People in Need of Delaware County

Our Mission Statement is: Assisting families and individuals of Delaware County in a collaborative effort by providing personal emergency assistance with dignity and respect in their time of need.

We help Delaware County residents with immediate emergency needs possibly created by job loss, break-up of the family, illness, death, or other unexpected financial emergencies.

We do not believe we are solving all of the people's problems by simply handing out food or paying utility bills. We see the immediate emergency need as a symptom and not the problem.

Our role is to provide assistance with the immediate need and to take a look at the total needs of the family unit. We work with the family or individual to identify appropriate referrals, using all available community resources.

Support and services are provided through the following programs:

  • Food Pantry
  • Emergency Services Assistance (utilities)
  • Emergency Eviction Prevention
  • Emergency Medical and Dental Assistance
  • Holiday Clearing House
  • Advocacy/Outreach


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