Options for Supported Housing

Options for Supported Housing's mission is to improve the everyday experience of people with developmental disabilities (DD) by working to change public perceptions and expand their personal choice options. Options provides safe, superior, community housing that improves quality of life for people with DD. Our core belief is that people with DD can live a more productive life when given choice in housing. People with DD and their families who cannot afford market-rate housing, live on a fixed income, need special accommodations in their home to ensure accessibility, desire to be in and of a community, and creating the best life for themselves benefit from our mission. 

Our goal is to reduce the barriers for people with DD to live a productive, engaged, and meaningful life in the community. We purchase and renovate homes to meet each person’s unique accessibility needs. The housing crisis for people with DD has been an ongoing problem. Many people with DD earn an equivalent hourly wage below minimum wage, add the shortage of affordable rental homes available and the problem is compounded. Our affordable rents are a lifeline to people with DD that we serve. 

Vision: We envision a day when all people with disabilities are neighbors and friends.



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