Festa (fka SON Ministries)

At Festa we believe that solutions to suburban poverty can be found within our own communities. Our work started with one mom who learned that 1 in 4 children were experiencing poverty in her SUBURBAN town. She felt called to feed these children and bring the community with her.

She LISTENED and learned that it takes more than filling hungry stomachs to alleviate poverty. Poverty presents unique challenges for suburban residents and for New Americans facing language barriers. Festa mobilizes the community to SERVE OUR NEIGHBORS from close by and around the world. We tear down stigmas and build RELATIONSHIPS through multi-generational education, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and more. Year-round our programs lift barriers so children and families facing suburban poverty can more fully use their gifts and talents, overcome poverty and contribute to their communities.

  • 3-Generation Family ESL Program: Provides New Americans full-immersion English education, homework help and additional resources they need to overcome poverty.
  • Summer Lunch Camp: Attends to the summer hunger gap by providing children a healthy breakfast & lunch daily for 11 weeks and attends to social isolation by providing virtual camp to children daily for 7 weeks.
  • Connecting to Resources: We build relationships with families and when we learn of other needs we complete the vetting process to connect them to resources pertaining to their need (www.HilliardHelps.org, government programs, mobilizing community volunteers, and financial assistance resources).



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