Sanctuary Night

In 2017, Sanctuary Night opened as a pilot project. We offered a safe, consistent environment for women who visited. Once a week—every week—we offered them a warm meal, clothing, hygiene items, and a safe place to relax and connect. 

Our relationships with the women on Sullivant Avenue grew. Trafficking survivors, counselors, and other trauma-informed Sanctuary Night leaders identified the unique and necessary space Sanctuary Night occupied in the social-services landscape.

Two hours on Monday nights makes a world of difference, but tragedy and trauma follow no calendar schedule. In 2019, Sanctuary Night began formally preparing to become a 24/7 facility. 

In 2020, we purchased a building, we drew our plans, we gathered our team-- and we kept serving vulnerable women needing a place to rest, eat, connect, and get desired resources. We served them every single Monday.

On May 6th, 2022, we finally opened the doors to a brand new facility designed with the women we serve in mind! We currently operate 40 hours a week, and we look forward to prioritizing trauma competency and organizational health with our eyes set on becoming a 24/7 facility. 



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